instant sales habits

knowing what to do doesn’t produce action. you need an emotional trigger.



  • People working in a sales commission environment, such as real estate agents
  • People interested in adopting habits that impact their work results


It’s well understood that sales is a numbers game. You spend the time, you generate the leads, you make the calls. We all know that, but it makes no difference. What makes a difference is good habits. 

And how do you do that? Are some people born habitual? Actually, no. Can you learn how by reading Atomic Habits? Apparently not. If you read the reviews they all say it’s full of insights and tips. But there are very few reviews saying AND AS A RESULT I INSTANTLY ADOPTED NEW HABITS.

That’s because knowing happens in the pre-frontal cortex but the action centres are deep within the limbic (emotional) circuitry. 

In the talk I explain that action-taking is emotionally sensitive, and behavior change has only two levers that are not biological: risk and reward. Behavioral science has discovered that risk works better than reward, but the coaching world has not caught up on this. That’s a shame, because risking a few dollars is a simple and effective way to form new habits, and that’s the subject of this talk. 

In risking money you engage the survival circuitry of the brain, and that’s the only network in the brain interested in you taking new action – in this case, making the calls and doing the work that produces income. I close by detailing how you make the behavior change sustainable. It’s a neuroscience thing.

The quirks of human biases provide lots of opportunities for humour and that holds attention a lot better than lecturing about the dopamine reward pathway. 


This theme is best delivered as a workshop.

Attendees complete an exercise in which they specify the particular habits they’d like to develop. And I work with them to get them clear.

Close to 100% of people take an action in the session towards the change they want.

Duration: 90 minutes.


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