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Money influences behavior
and we are loss-averse



  • People who are not currently in a regular pattern of exercise but would like to be
  • People interested in weight loss through dietary change


This talk is about a new way of self-motivating around exercise and weight-loss; staking. Staking is the process of risking money to get you taking regular actions – that could be walking, running, swimming or eating to plan.

I explain (in simple language) what behavior science academics worked out and neuroscience confirmed, but which has not made it into mainstream thinking or common coaching discourse.

Essentially, the parts of your brain that decide on action are not interested in you changing your routine. Even if you should, you know you should, and you want to. But there’s one network in your brain which the action centres listen to differently; the survival circuitry. As soon as the brain thinks your survival is threatened, it’s all action. And it turns out that risking money flicks those switches in the survival circuitry.

In the talk, I explain why this works and how to make your behavior change sustainable. There’s lots of humour and lots of interaction, because who wants to listen to some smart arse talking science at you for an hour?


Can be delivered as a keynote, an informal talk or a workshop.

What distinguishes the workshop is that attendees complete an exercise in which they take on an area of their behavior they’d like to change.

Close to 100% of people take an action in the session towards the change they want.

Duration: workshops run 90 minutes. Talks and keynotes generally range from 20 minutes to an hour.



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