instant happy

the problem is, you think it’s complicated…



  • People leading normal, happy lives open to life’s next nice surprise
  • Anyone interested in the question, ‘what’s the secret to happiness?’
  • Potentially, any organisation that wants happier employees


Science has something to say about happiness; let’s look at what it’s uncovered.

In this feel-good session people discover they’ve been looking in the wrong place for happiness, and that they’re actually happier than they thought.

Understanding what you love doing is the starting point. We do an exercise where we dwell on what you’re naturally drawn to and what you need external support with.

Attendees learn forever the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation.

We look at the role of money in happiness – did you know you can use money to increase your level of happiness? But not in the way you think.

The exercises in this seminar will put a smile on your face. A big, happy smile that turns into practical action.

People learn where the easy wins are, choose one area and adopt a new behaviour. Spoiler alert: changing your behaviour will make you happier…


Can be delivered as a keynote, an informal talk or a workshop.

Bret describes the behaviours that reliably increase happiness, then participants choose one area of behavior they’d like to change.

Close to 100% of people will change that behaviour after the session.

Duration: workshops run 90 minutes. Talks and keynotes generally range from 20 minutes to an hour.


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