Family pic Treasure

Two successful marriages. Two adult kids who are contributing useful things to society.

I have a sister, two brothers, a granddaughter and a grandson. Family centres around my mum, Jocelyn and her partner, Poll. I’m lucky my whole family lives locally and that we share a happy history and regular contact.

I was brought up in Nollamara, and as an adult, have lived mostly in Fremantle and Northbridge.

bret running

At about 30 years of age I started a franchise of household milk rounds. You need to be fit to deliver hundreds of litres of milk a day, so I started running. 

I got in the habit of going every couple of days and have now been doing that for decades. It’s no longer a mental challenge; it’s become intrinsically motivating. 

The last couple of years I’ve done ocean swimming in summer. GOD DAMN you feel good after that. 

whiskas kitten food ad

I worked in consumer goods marketing in Sydney and Albury/Wodonga, as the brand manager for Colgate toothpaste then product group manager for Whiskas cat food. Conceived a new product which is now sold internationally.

Got interested in the internet when that happened, and worked for an IT company as general manager. I’ve always done entrepreneurial projects. I started a virtual conferencing business in Second Life and an electronic shopping business well before that was a thing. 

Posh Picnic Chertion Gingin

My dad bought a farm shortly before he died.

We launched a wine label and I created a successful concert series, The Posh Picnic, as a promotional event. We also ran an upmarket B&B called Cheriton.

Although the concert event ran for five years, our grape buyer Evans & Tate reneged on the contract, and the farm was sold.

Australian Web Industry Awards - bret treasure

I’ve consulted in digital marketing for twenty five years, writing strategies and creating content of all kinds.

For five years I was Chair of the Australian Web Industry Association, running conferences and meet-ups, and working as Head of Judging for the Australian Web Awards.

I was a founding board member of the Blockchain Association of Australia and wrote white papers for ICOs in Europe, the US, Asia and South America.

Staking book covers

Out of my interest in consumer behavior and psychology, and through some exposure to staking in the blockchain business, I co-founded Stake Something, the behavior change app.

I’ve project managed the app development, created a wide range of marketing and social media materials and been super hands-on in all aspects of the venture.

Writing about yourself is exhausting.