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We spend our whole lives avoiding risk. But behavior science shows it’s the key to instant and reliable habit formation. This is not a tweak. It’s a paradigm shift in how people get fit, healthy, and disciplined. Let’s have a chat about motivating your people and firing up your event.


You promise your weekly actions, then you put some money at stake.
Once a week you report. If you take the actions, you get the behavior change
and it cost you nothing.

If you don’t keep your word, you forfeit the money to charity and
get the kick up the bum you need to re-focus next week.

4 benefits people get







When you risk losing money, you activate the survival circuitry in your brain. That’s the circuit most interested in taking action. The rest of your brain prefers you lie on the couch.


audiences say:




The most used words on audience feedback forms. 94% called the talk entertaining. 99% say they learned something new.

It was a brilliant presentation. Fun, informative and thought-provoking. Using brain hacks to reach our goals? Why has no-one talked about this before!!

Lorraine Horsley

City of Melville

POW! In 45mins Bret totally educated me on motivation. Easily digestible, thought provoking and inspiring. Thanks Bret for breaking it down!

Marty Leist

Australian Men's Shed Association

His explanation of the science and his real-life examples meant it was engaging and pertinent to anyone who has tried (and failed) to develop new habits.

As someone who works in the health industry, I recommend everyone listen to what Bret has to say. It could prolong your life. Or at least make it a healthier, happier life.

David Beard

Exercise Physiologist

Informative, interesting and at times eye opening. Presents the hard stats and facts to back up his brain training hack. The audience was engaged throughout by Bret’s two-way communication and sense of humour.

There were comments, questions and laughs. I would definitely recommend Bret for author talks and workshop facilitation.

Tegan Hort

City of Canning

Bret delivered a fascinating talk. We were booked out. An engaging speaker who held audience attention throughout. We highly recommend him.

Sindy Dowden

City of Vincent


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Incredibly, people who stake a decent amount of money are successful 96% of the time. So on average, 50 weeks out of 52, people are taking
the actions they promised themselves.


Staking; The New Brain Hack, is a short, colorful read about how to use staking to best effect. 

“Your book is a good read. Lots of humour and interesting research” – A.K.

Read a chapter for free on Amazon.

 The talks

This is when the penny drops. It’s not learning about the neuroscience that opens people up to action, it’s the realisation they can succeed at something they gave up on years ago.

 the app

Stake Something is the behavior change app created by Bret Treasure and Ben Raphael. It’s simple, it helps you put something at stake and it’s a free download.